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Banex Mall … a world of its own

Banex Mall, a division of Banex Group headquartered in Lagos, is one of the largest Malls in Nigeria.
Our Mall contains over 140 spaces with a mix of retailers trading in renowned quality brands ranging from medicals, electronics, clothing, house provisions, salons, hairstyling, children’s toys, cinemas and the likes.

We provide an ecosystem that stimulates personal and corporate growth through the provision of co-working spaces, study rooms, meeting and auditoriums all within a community of like-minded forward-thinking people.

We have state of the art facilities and uninterrupted power supply, fast internet facilities, 24-hour security, water supply and round the clock cleaning in common areas.

At our Mall, you will enjoy a diverse, comfortable, clean, safe and convenient experience including shopping, entertainment and leisure all under one roof.


Here are some of the major features associated with Banex mall.

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Shop Spaces

Our shop space provides retail opportunities from organic consumer interactions for the best brands in the world.

Our shop space gives brands the power to open intimate showrooms in a high-traffic physical space. Through our shop space, we provide a tremendous value proposition to brands wanting to get their product in the hands of millions of consumers to experience the true essence of their products.

Our office space provides a place where an organization can set up and perform their administrative work in order to realize their objectives and goals.


Our office spaces are built to support occupants in performing their jobs. From conventional office activities such as reading, writing, and computer work to supporting different activities.

Some of the key features in our office spaces include meeting rooms, lounges, and spaces for support activities, such as photocopying and filing.

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As a professional run business we pride ourselves on great customer service, take a look at some of our customer testimonials below.

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Banex Mall, Plot 1-10, Akiogun Road, Lekki/Epe Expressway, Oniru/Lekki 1, Lagos

Your Best & One-Stop Destination at Banex Mall!

Listings of homes for sale, rent, and lease on a Nigerian real estate website. We deal with Nigerian real estate such as homes, houses, lands, stores, and office spaces. Banex Mall, a twin-tower complex containing retail, office, and recreational areas, is one of Abuja biggest shopping mall. More than 140 stores and offices there.

The shop area for Lekki is Banex Mall Lekki, a wealthy and developing suburb in Lagos, Nigeria. Banex Mall is a complex in Lekki that offers retail shop spaces in Lekki for rent or sale.Malls in Lagos are popular for chilling, shopping with friends or family.

Banex Mall is The Future of All!

If you’re living in Lagos, Nigeria, and looking for a place to enjoy your time, visit cinemas in Lekki. You can enjoy watching movies with your friends & family. You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy your movie time.

At our Banex Mall, we are also giving a plaza for rent in Lekki. Customers want everything best when they spend their time & money on goods. You can get a huge collection of different brands. Festive collections are also available that you may wear on any occasion you like.

If you’re managing a house or family or even living alone, you`ll need daily groceries. Yet you can get rid of the chaos of wandering at different places for some groceries. The grocery store Lagos at Banex Mall offers a variety of options to choose from and buy whatever you like. You’ll also get groceries at a very reasonable price here.

With the right place and a good collection, it’s quite fun. Our Banex mall, gift and specialty store Nigeria is your one-stop destination. Look for buying the best option available in the market.

Our mall is not only a shopping destination but you can also fill in your spare time here. Enjoy the entertainment zone with your kids, family, or friends as well. Restaurant in Lekki is a famous neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria. Depending on your hunger and price range, you may also choose quick food, a buffet, or gourmet dining.

Those who don’t like going outdoors or not hanging- out with anybody can choose the online shopping mall Lagos. You can buy or eat a variety of things. Banex Mall has a huge collection of everything. Banex Mall is one such destination for shopping or entertainment. 

The finest supermarket is one where you can find all of your needed domestic, indoor, or outdoor supplies. Doesn’t it sound more like a Christmas wish? If you’re seeking a place to have fun with your family or friends, the Banex Mall may be your Santa. There’s a good reason this is the best Supermarket in Lekki. 

Surfing some Women online clothing store Nigeria? At Banex Mall you’ll get all the collections for women.

Well, Abuja’s best shopping center in Lekki is here- The Banex Mall! Your list doesn’t have to be completed at different malls.

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