Nigerian Real Estate- What & Where to Buy?

A real estate and property website in Nigeria listings for homes for sale, rent, and lease. We deal with Nigerian real estate such as homes, houses, lands, stores, and office spaces. Also, other commercial properties in Nigeria are available for buy or rent. It is a forum for marketing real estate owned by Nigerian individual property owners. Nigerian real estate is also owned by organizations that have a large user base. 

Banex Mall advertising members, and properties, is the top real estate website. Our sponsors include real estate experts like estate agents and renting agents. We also provide builders for new houses. Nigerian individual property owners who promote properties in Nigeria for prospective buyers. 

If you’re also looking to buy properties or to know about real estate in Nigeria, you may contact us. We are selling and renting spaces in our Banex Mall, Lekki-1, Lagos, Nigeria. We have more than 140 spaces available for retail and commercial purposes. You can opt for any space for co-working, entertainment zone, food court, office spaces, or retailing space. 

Nigerian real estate is a very good option if you want to run a commercial business. Or you can get your property as a citizen of Nigeria for personal or retail use as well.

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